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END OF THE SEASON 2013 / 2014

We have reached the end of another enjoyable and successful season with thankfully very few days lost to the elements.  

The end of season "Empty Saddles" party was yet again a tremendous way to reflect on some of memorable events of the past months.  The dancing of the male members of the hunt staff on the night was a fitting tribute to Niall who is leaving us, for the green and pleasant land, which is Ireland.  We all wish him well.  The main theme of the evening centered around the exploits of retiring master Rosie Vestey who, during her eight years as senior master has built a legacy which will not be matched.  Thank you Rosie.

The beginning of the new hunting year will be 1st May 2014, which will see the start of hound shows both locally and nationally.  The Cotswold Hounds will be entered in a number of  shows and we will endeavor to bring you results of these shows as soon as we have them. 

Last year there were a number of interruptions to the showing calendar, which while not diluting the winners' achievements in any way, did result in many Hunts not being able to be present.  This year we hope will be more representative and trouble free.  However it is often  the vagaries of the judges on the day, as are the opinions of referees in contests and matches, which dictate the names which are entered into the records.  There are no video replays for reference during or after the event.  

We are sure next season will be different.  It usually is.  There will be changes.  There often are.  The singular ambition is that we will continue to hunt within the Law and provide sport for our Subscribers and Supporters.

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